Zombie walk

So the Zombie walk was this past weekend… and I got myself, Ashlie and Becky ready… here’s a few pictures of the end result.

Im pretty happy with it.






Heres a few practice shots too..



Makeup, Spirit gum, tissue, and Knox gelatin was everything I used.. and fake blood

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so after 4 months of pining over this guy.. and flirting, messaging, and hangouts.. I finally told him how I felt… we share a lot of the same friends and they told me I should GO FOR IT!.. well I did… here’s the story:

I asked him if he was going out friday.. he said yes.. so we agreed to meet up at the bar ( i was going with a friend.. and he with his).. we FINALLY run into eachother at the PACKED bar.. he has his arm around me all night.. and were being cute..  My friend goes and talks with his friend.. and thats when I say ” So.. im not sure if ur aware… but.. I sort of have a crush on you”… he looks at me and says ” Im flattered..”.. Instantly I remove his arm and tell him im horribly embarrassed and we should never speak of it again…

we went to get something to eat afterwards.. all of us.. Nothing was mentioned. Then I went home..and apologized again for mentioning it…. the next day and a half.. i hear nothing.. Now we Message each other at least a million times a day.. so It was weird… Instantly my mind is going insane.. im thinking ” Omg hes NEVER GOING TO TALK TO ME AGAIN!! I SCARED HIM AWAY!!.. we’re going to lose the friendship we have because im stupid!”…. but.. turns out he had the stomach flu and wasnt able to get out of bed for 2 days.. FINALLY he messaged me.. saying “.. I have the stomach flu..:(.. come take care of me” and .. *swoon*.. we were back to being fine.

so i guess its not a COMPLETE fail.. but this was 5 days ago.. and he hasnt mentioned it… I mean.. i DID tell him not to.. so I dont know whats going on..


im sure ill fuck something up.. lol More fails Later loves!

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Work Fails

1st day at my new job… I almost throw my back out using a hole punch.

2nd day back… I cut my face with a pencil :/

Im afraid of what tomorrow brings.

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The transformation…

Step one.. Wash, exfoliate, moisturize and prime your skin.

Step 2.. Conceal any red marks, or under eye circles

Step 3.. FOUNDATION.. dont forget your neck!

Step 4.. BLEND everything nice and evenly

Step5 Contour- (optional).. Since no one has just 1 color to their whole face or we’d look like cartoons.. I like taking a darker color foundation and putting a bit on my temples, and also under my cheeks.. and blend.. DONT FORGET to blend everything into your neck/ hairline and ears.

Step 6- apply powder to set foundation .

Step 7.. Apply liner ( dont worry if its too messy.. you can blend it, or clean it with a q-tip)

step 8 ..create a smoky look by blending towards the outer corners UP to the crease .. starting in the center of your eye.

Step 9 Apply a brown  medium shadow, blending it over the eyeliner

Step 10- Apply darker brown shadow to the outer “v” and into the crease

Step 11 blend the darker brown with a blending brush

Step 12- Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks ( I also added a hilighter to the arch of my browbone, and inner corners of my eyes)

Step 13 Groom and fill in your brows! they shape your face and make your eyes pop

HAIR-  step 1. Shower

Step 2 -Blowdry/straighten

step 3 -Tease for volume

Step 4 Done! add a hairband, bow.. whatever! All done!

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How to make your eyes seem BRIGHTER and Larger!

Ive learned a few tips and tricks lately how to make your eyes seem brighter and larger.. and I thought Id share 🙂 sharing IS caring (hehe)

Black liquid liner… ONLY on the top lashline.. and you can even wing it out.. will make your eyes look more awake, more open ( just dont put liner on the bottom… that tends to make the eyes look smaller, more closed in)

Blue eyeliner ( maybe in a navy.. so its not as obvious and you dont end up looking like a reject from some 80s porn)- Makes the whites of your eyes look whiter.. be subtle.

Just like if you wear a lipstick with blue undertones, it makes your teeth look whiter.. same thing.

Another trick.. a more obvious one.. CURL YOUR LASHES!! and apply mascara!

another trick.. use a white eyeliner on your waterline.. and even the inner corners of your eyes.. and smudge it with your fingers OR a sponge.. you can even follow with a very light color eyeshadow.. on the inner corners.. and your brow bone for a highlight.

Eyeshadow.. its not a bad idea to use a light color with a little bit of sheen to it on your inner corners so try it out. maybe follow with a light shade of brown for your crease color, blend with a fluffy brush..

Also.. FALSE LASHES are a good idea also 😛 but only on the top!

Hope this helps ❤

Love and Luck

xxoo Melina

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Todays ALMOST fail

As I was waiting for the bus, standing in front of the light post by my building… Listening to my ipod.. a SQUIRREL comes out of NOWHERE.. and runs straight for me.. Im not sure if it saw me.. or just ran towards the pole out of habit.. but I created a pretty epic scene.. Screaming and flailing running away…assuming OMG RABID SQUIRREL!

the others at the bus stop thought It was quite hilarious :/

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Biting faces, falling off curbs.. thats my life.

Todays post is going to be my newest FAIL..

I was outside waiting for the bus.. listening to my IPOD.. and not paying attention..(as per usual).. fell off the curb and hurt my foot.

yes.. FELL OFF A CURB.. while just standing… and BAM.. rolled ankle and hurt heel. …. :/

Oh and recent Fail number 2…  I decided to wait to tell the guy I liked how I felt.. because I wasn’t so sure he felt the same.. anyways I end up getting hammered with friends, run into him.. and when I say run.. I mean.. spot him.. RUN TO HIM THROWING MY ARMS AROUND HIM AND JUMPING ON HIM…. and ….. what do I do next? the only LOGICAL thing.. BITE HIM IN THE FACE. :/

lol FML… but he still speaks to me.. so.. that must be a good sign.

I have no idea what I was thinking.

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