Hard Candy review

Alright So for those of you who arent aware.. I start school this November

Im super excited to learn new tips and ways to make people more beautiful and feel awesome! ❤

also… Im super pumped to get my Kit and Brushes ❤ WOO!

The makeup course itself is 3 months.. then after that Im thinking about maybe taking the aesthetics course in Halifax. ( which im planning to move to anyway this coming year… more demand for the work I will be doing)

But today Im going to talk about how PUMPED I am that Walmart ( yes WALMART) is starting to carry a pretty well known brand of cosmetics.. Hard Candy..I heard from a few Youtube makeup gurus .. is a sister company of Urban Decay, just more affordable.

So with that said.. I have gotten a few Items that Im going to review.

1)Hard candy’s Take me out liner- I bought the black, it wasnt very expensive.. so already thats a plus… and its super creamy and blendable which I also like.. because it means it wont tug on ur eye lids :P.. the only thing I DONT really like is.. the actual liner pencil itself is quite short.. and u have this pointy stick on the end.. like a chopstick.. they say its to put your hair up in an instant.. but really.. Id rather have more of the eyeliner thanks!

2)Visibly wet lip pencil-in cupcake… like it.. it goes on super smooth and the color is really cute. and I believe it was only 6 dollars.. dont quote me on that.

I have the lightest pink one *Cupcake*

Im really interested in trying out their tinted moisturizer.. ive read a few reviews and watched a few also on youtube ( my trusted youtube!) so Ill try it out and let you know soon 🙂

Ive also noticed they have cute single lipsticks.. each with its own design on the tube.. I havent bought one yet but a friend has.. and she liked it. so maybe I’ll also try it.

Thats all Ive tried so far.. which isnt alot.. because they do have quite a wide selection , especially for department store cosmetics. I do plan on trying out more in the future. All in all Id say they are worth checking out.. they are definitely a decent , cheaper alternative to expensive brand name makeup.

Xxoo Melina


About beautifuldisaster25

Im a 25 year old Aesthetics student, Interested in makeup and design, Im incredibly random, love the 80s, Music is my life, and I find art and inspiration in strange places. My sense of humor will win you over =).. as well as my extreme clumsiness
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