Lise watier Magnifix- Makeup finishing spray

Morning!  So ive decided to do a review again.. since i havent had a fail as recent as yesterday.. oh im sure I have but nothing worth posting.. so lets DO this!

“A subtly fragranced mist that refreshes and matifies the complexion, setting makeup in no time at all. MAGNIFIX is your best aid for keeping a satiny complexion from dawn till bedtime”

and it does just that!

Now I have been looking for finishing spray in my tiny city for sometime now… and kept coming up empty handed 😦

finally I found some at shoppers! the price was about 20$ for 115ml bottle and well well worth it. It makes your makeup stay in place all day.. even under the hot summer sun!

Defiantly going to buy this again.. Thumbs up for sure.


About beautifuldisaster25

Im a 25 year old Aesthetics student, Interested in makeup and design, Im incredibly random, love the 80s, Music is my life, and I find art and inspiration in strange places. My sense of humor will win you over =).. as well as my extreme clumsiness
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