Biting faces, falling off curbs.. thats my life.

Todays post is going to be my newest FAIL..

I was outside waiting for the bus.. listening to my IPOD.. and not paying attention..(as per usual).. fell off the curb and hurt my foot.

yes.. FELL OFF A CURB.. while just standing… and BAM.. rolled ankle and hurt heel. …. :/

Oh and recent Fail number 2…  I decided to wait to tell the guy I liked how I felt.. because I wasn’t so sure he felt the same.. anyways I end up getting hammered with friends, run into him.. and when I say run.. I mean.. spot him.. RUN TO HIM THROWING MY ARMS AROUND HIM AND JUMPING ON HIM…. and ….. what do I do next? the only LOGICAL thing.. BITE HIM IN THE FACE. :/

lol FML… but he still speaks to me.. so.. that must be a good sign.

I have no idea what I was thinking.


About beautifuldisaster25

Im a 25 year old Aesthetics student, Interested in makeup and design, Im incredibly random, love the 80s, Music is my life, and I find art and inspiration in strange places. My sense of humor will win you over =).. as well as my extreme clumsiness
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