How to make your eyes seem BRIGHTER and Larger!

Ive learned a few tips and tricks lately how to make your eyes seem brighter and larger.. and I thought Id share 🙂 sharing IS caring (hehe)

Black liquid liner… ONLY on the top lashline.. and you can even wing it out.. will make your eyes look more awake, more open ( just dont put liner on the bottom… that tends to make the eyes look smaller, more closed in)

Blue eyeliner ( maybe in a navy.. so its not as obvious and you dont end up looking like a reject from some 80s porn)- Makes the whites of your eyes look whiter.. be subtle.

Just like if you wear a lipstick with blue undertones, it makes your teeth look whiter.. same thing.

Another trick.. a more obvious one.. CURL YOUR LASHES!! and apply mascara!

another trick.. use a white eyeliner on your waterline.. and even the inner corners of your eyes.. and smudge it with your fingers OR a sponge.. you can even follow with a very light color eyeshadow.. on the inner corners.. and your brow bone for a highlight.

Eyeshadow.. its not a bad idea to use a light color with a little bit of sheen to it on your inner corners so try it out. maybe follow with a light shade of brown for your crease color, blend with a fluffy brush..

Also.. FALSE LASHES are a good idea also 😛 but only on the top!

Hope this helps ❤

Love and Luck

xxoo Melina


About beautifuldisaster25

Im a 25 year old Aesthetics student, Interested in makeup and design, Im incredibly random, love the 80s, Music is my life, and I find art and inspiration in strange places. My sense of humor will win you over =).. as well as my extreme clumsiness
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