so after 4 months of pining over this guy.. and flirting, messaging, and hangouts.. I finally told him how I felt… we share a lot of the same friends and they told me I should GO FOR IT!.. well I did… here’s the story:

I asked him if he was going out friday.. he said yes.. so we agreed to meet up at the bar ( i was going with a friend.. and he with his).. we FINALLY run into eachother at the PACKED bar.. he has his arm around me all night.. and were being cute..  My friend goes and talks with his friend.. and thats when I say ” So.. im not sure if ur aware… but.. I sort of have a crush on you”… he looks at me and says ” Im flattered..”.. Instantly I remove his arm and tell him im horribly embarrassed and we should never speak of it again…

we went to get something to eat afterwards.. all of us.. Nothing was mentioned. Then I went home..and apologized again for mentioning it…. the next day and a half.. i hear nothing.. Now we Message each other at least a million times a day.. so It was weird… Instantly my mind is going insane.. im thinking ” Omg hes NEVER GOING TO TALK TO ME AGAIN!! I SCARED HIM AWAY!!.. we’re going to lose the friendship we have because im stupid!”…. but.. turns out he had the stomach flu and wasnt able to get out of bed for 2 days.. FINALLY he messaged me.. saying “.. I have the stomach flu..:(.. come take care of me” and .. *swoon*.. we were back to being fine.

so i guess its not a COMPLETE fail.. but this was 5 days ago.. and he hasnt mentioned it… I mean.. i DID tell him not to.. so I dont know whats going on..


im sure ill fuck something up.. lol More fails Later loves!


About beautifuldisaster25

Im a 25 year old Aesthetics student, Interested in makeup and design, Im incredibly random, love the 80s, Music is my life, and I find art and inspiration in strange places. My sense of humor will win you over =).. as well as my extreme clumsiness
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