Lise watier Magnifix- Makeup finishing spray

Morning!  So ive decided to do a review again.. since i havent had a fail as recent as yesterday.. oh im sure I have but nothing worth posting.. so lets DO this!

“A subtly fragranced mist that refreshes and matifies the complexion, setting makeup in no time at all. MAGNIFIX is your best aid for keeping a satiny complexion from dawn till bedtime”

and it does just that!

Now I have been looking for finishing spray in my tiny city for sometime now… and kept coming up empty handed 😦

finally I found some at shoppers! the price was about 20$ for 115ml bottle and well well worth it. It makes your makeup stay in place all day.. even under the hot summer sun!

Defiantly going to buy this again.. Thumbs up for sure.

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Hard Candy review

Alright So for those of you who arent aware.. I start school this November

Im super excited to learn new tips and ways to make people more beautiful and feel awesome! ❤

also… Im super pumped to get my Kit and Brushes ❤ WOO!

The makeup course itself is 3 months.. then after that Im thinking about maybe taking the aesthetics course in Halifax. ( which im planning to move to anyway this coming year… more demand for the work I will be doing)

But today Im going to talk about how PUMPED I am that Walmart ( yes WALMART) is starting to carry a pretty well known brand of cosmetics.. Hard Candy..I heard from a few Youtube makeup gurus .. is a sister company of Urban Decay, just more affordable.

So with that said.. I have gotten a few Items that Im going to review.

1)Hard candy’s Take me out liner- I bought the black, it wasnt very expensive.. so already thats a plus… and its super creamy and blendable which I also like.. because it means it wont tug on ur eye lids :P.. the only thing I DONT really like is.. the actual liner pencil itself is quite short.. and u have this pointy stick on the end.. like a chopstick.. they say its to put your hair up in an instant.. but really.. Id rather have more of the eyeliner thanks!

2)Visibly wet lip pencil-in cupcake… like it.. it goes on super smooth and the color is really cute. and I believe it was only 6 dollars.. dont quote me on that.

I have the lightest pink one *Cupcake*

Im really interested in trying out their tinted moisturizer.. ive read a few reviews and watched a few also on youtube ( my trusted youtube!) so Ill try it out and let you know soon 🙂

Ive also noticed they have cute single lipsticks.. each with its own design on the tube.. I havent bought one yet but a friend has.. and she liked it. so maybe I’ll also try it.

Thats all Ive tried so far.. which isnt alot.. because they do have quite a wide selection , especially for department store cosmetics. I do plan on trying out more in the future. All in all Id say they are worth checking out.. they are definitely a decent , cheaper alternative to expensive brand name makeup.

Xxoo Melina

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Eating Fail 101

My most recent fail..

Accidentally cutting myself with my own fork while eating…
Dinner fail 101 with Melina FAILey.

I was sitting crosslegged.. eating sidekicks.. watching TV and trying to pay attention to here and eat at the same time.. i tried to uncross my legs cuz they were starting to go tingly while watching tv and not paying attention..(story of my life).. annnnnd my knee hit my arm and caused the face stabbing action. … :/

Im an idiot

Atleast i have cute Batman bandages…

F*ck i feel like nelly.

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Oh Hi!

Ive decided to create YET ANOTHER blog.. this one will specifically be about makeup and my Fails at life… and how I still manage to stay positive.. even tho im a walking disaster. (hehe)

Let me explain.. this seems like an odd combination… and Id have to agree.. BUT.. I promise it will be entertaining say the least.

So sit back.. and enjoy this ridiculous ride I call my hilarious life. ❤

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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